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Founders Initiative – Meetup

WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT "Founders Initiative" is an initiative to bring founders together and solve problems for fun! The fundamental idea is "founders help founders". We want to build a PROBLEM FOCUSED COMMUNITY.

Founders Initiative
Foto: Founders Initiative

We guess you’re a founder because you love solving problems not matter if you’re a business or tech guy/girl. In addition to existing StartUp and founding-events, we want founders to get in touch with other founders to discuss their problems and solve them together.


You can present problems connected to your life as a founder or your professional life and get in touch with people who would love to help you solving these problems. You help other people and they help you, it’s as easy as it sounds.


The Founders Initiative is for everyone! So no matter what your background is, ”bring your USB-Stick or Notebook and start to solve problems”!
We will have the setup to present your ideas and problems in front of everyone, so just bring whatever you need to describe your idea and the connected problems to the community. We want the organisational overhead to be as low as possible, so we don’t define any fixed presentation slots, topics or anything else.
If you don’t want to present anything, but instead help solving others issues, thats fine!


Our „presentations“ are called starters and they help you to get in touch with problem solvers.

1. Introduce yourself (share the cool stuff and leave the boring shit at home)
2. What project/s do you work on (very short, don’t make it complicated)
3. WHAT PROBLEMS DO YOU FACE???? (tell people what are your main problems: technical, funding, customers, etc.)


1. This is NOT a sales event .
2. Don’t come with a goal, come with a PROBLEM.
3. Don’t be evil. (GOOGLE, remember that!)

Wann:  25.04.2019, 18:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Wo:  Fasanerieweg 15 Fase 15, 66121 Saarbrücken